Armstrong-Enderby Parish
Minutes of the Church Council Meeting March 20, 2024

St. James Hall at 9:30 am

Present: Debbie Brown, Ken Chapman, Sheila Forster, Helen Hall, Maureen Karran, Lyn Longair, Louise Richard, Pam Walker

Regrets: Laura Courtemanche, Sheila Nelson, Karen Genthon,

Chairperson: Helen Hall

Opening Prayer:   Helen H. led us in prayer at 9:33 am

A. Agenda and Minutes:
      Adoption of Minutes of February 21, 2024
That the minutes of  February 21, 2024 be accepted as Circulated
                                          Moved/Seconded: Lyn L/Sheila F  CARRIED

B. Business Arising
a.    Community Garden
             Curt Inglis Enderby City planner, called Sheila F. to check on Adele C presentation. There will need to be a memorandum of
              understanding for the garden if we decide to go ahead with it.  A sub-committee will be struck to discuss future of the garden.
              Pam Walker and Dan Forster have been nominated by Sheila F. to work on the committee.  Helen will approach Jill de la Salle
              to see if she would be willing to meet with the committee to discuss the pros/cons of hosting a community garden.
              Motion: To approach 4-5 people from the congregation who will work on the Enderby Community Garden proposal.
              Moved/Seconded: Sheila F/Maureen K.                       CARRIED    (vote 7 yay – 1 nay)   

       b. Temporary Screens:
The Grant for purchase in under review

c. KidSpace Use of St. James’ Hall:
After discussion with KidSpace group, they decided not to pursue renting the hall.

d. LASS:      
               The LASS group have asked to rent St. James’ hall first July 2-12 2024

e. Artificial Christmas Trees:
               Maureen K. approached the museum staff, and the best time to check out the trees will be October/November.

C. Financials:
Sheila Nelson was not at the meeting.
      a. Comparative Income Statements:
      b. Comparative Balance Sheets:
      c. Investment Income 2022-Dec. 2023:

Chairperson declared the Income reports are accepted and filed

d. Xerox Contract: No movement
     e. Zoom contract: Renewed

D. New Business:
     a.  Easter Pot-Luck:
Easter Sunday will a 5th Sunday event.  St. James will be hosting St. George’s congregation at 10:00, with a Pot-Luck to follow after church.
           St. James will supply main course dishes and refreshments. St. George’s   will supply salads and desserts.

E. Reports
     a.    ACW Enderby (Pam)
ACW meetings for February and March at St. George’s, morphed into Bible Studies. Lois Roberts turned 90 this year. The date for the        
           November coffee break has been set in consultation with other activities in Enderby in November.                  
     b.   ACW Armstrong (Maureen K)
On Saturday April13 we will be having a Coffee and Muffin break from 10-12. There will be a bake table, white elephant, and book sale.
          World Day of Prayer representative were Laura C. and Diana Muir at St. Joseph church.
     c.  Wardens :
  Sheila F:
         No problems from St. George’s.
         Carol was happy to receive her Askew’s card.
        Lyn L:
         Nothing to report.
        Ken C:
        No one to replace Ken’s vacant position.
    d. NORC {North Okanagan Regional Council} (Helen H)
         Met on Zoom for AGM – CHJ chairperson for many years, will be on a 2nd leave. Helen has agreed to 1 year more.  Helen may need
          assistance.  Lyn is treasurer for another year.
    e.   Diocesan Council (Helen H)
 -Fair Share: referred to Administration & Finance to look at new models. Members of Synod will discuss Fair Share in May.
           The Canons can’t be changed until 2025, but policies can be changed.  
          -Budget - Modifications to explanations but no changes to figures – but forecasts will be given quarterly
          -OAC: Westbank nation will be carrying out archaeological studies. Camp will open in May
           -Synod: Call will go out 3rd week in March 2024
           -Investment committee – looking at having 2 funds with different ratios of stocks/bonds
           -change to Temporary Occupancy permit – for insurance
           -continuing to meet every 2 months

     f. Maintenance (Louise R)
        St. Georges:  

        The removal of the platform under the altar is complete.  Very well done.  Thanks to those who worked on it.
        St. James:
        The Roof Dr. will come and check both Church and Hall roofs. No water under church or hall

    g. Priest (Helen H)
No warden replacement at St. James. Does the warden’s position need to be divided into 2 or 3 positions?
         Also Council is short one member-at-large, preferably from St. James
         Helen will be going on holidays June 2024

Adjournment and Closing Prayer at 11:10 am

The next Council meeting will be April 17 at 9:30 at St. George
                                     The next Wardens meeting will be April 16.

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